Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robot Sharks and an Edgy (for me) Perspective

 It dawned on me that all of the vehicles that I draw are from very boring perspectives. I wanted to try a different one, and this was one that I had seen and wanted to experiment with. I think it turned out pretty good actually, I made a little bit of a breakthrough in figuring out certain nuances with perspective in general.
 So these take a little more explaining. We did an exercise called sketch boot camp in which we were given approximately 5 minutes to draw whatever the professor told us to. We were supposed to fill up an entire page of 18x24 newsprint. We did this exercise about 5 or 6 times, and one of the "subjects" for us to draw was Robot Sharks. We then had to take our best design from one of the pages, refine it and do a marker rendering. These two pages show my refined sketches.
 This little guy wouldn't fit on the scanner, but it is the next step down and on the "Shark Scale" I have going, it's really pretty small, but you can't tell from this image.
 Here are the marker renderings. I am very proud of these, I think they are without a doubt the best marker renderings I've done so far.
And then the little guy again.

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