Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robot Sharks and an Edgy (for me) Perspective

 It dawned on me that all of the vehicles that I draw are from very boring perspectives. I wanted to try a different one, and this was one that I had seen and wanted to experiment with. I think it turned out pretty good actually, I made a little bit of a breakthrough in figuring out certain nuances with perspective in general.
 So these take a little more explaining. We did an exercise called sketch boot camp in which we were given approximately 5 minutes to draw whatever the professor told us to. We were supposed to fill up an entire page of 18x24 newsprint. We did this exercise about 5 or 6 times, and one of the "subjects" for us to draw was Robot Sharks. We then had to take our best design from one of the pages, refine it and do a marker rendering. These two pages show my refined sketches.
 This little guy wouldn't fit on the scanner, but it is the next step down and on the "Shark Scale" I have going, it's really pretty small, but you can't tell from this image.
 Here are the marker renderings. I am very proud of these, I think they are without a doubt the best marker renderings I've done so far.
And then the little guy again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The good sketches so far

 This was the first good marker rendering I did, the assignment was Star Wars podracers.
The second marker rendering from the Star Wars assignment. Turned out better I think.

 These are the ones that I'm pretty proud of, they're the most recent and show the most improvement in sketching and marker work.

These were the first two nice car renderings I did, a little bit of an interior in there too.

Finally. A blog.

My name is Dave Toennies and  I'm a first year student in the Transportation Design program at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI.  I have been waiting to create a blog to start showcasing my work until I had progressed enough that I was no longer embarrassed with my skill level. I still have a ways to go, but I wanted to start showing my friends and family (and now anyone else who wanders across this page) the school work that I have been doing. As I develop my abilities and finish more work, this page will probably evolve and become more in depth. I will scan in a few marker renderings and sketches later tonight if all goes as planned.